Ms Scarlett Harris

I am a fourth year DPhil student on the departmental studentship programme. I have been at Oxford University since 2013 when I started my Medical Degree. Having completed an undergraduate degree in Medical Sciences, I am taking time out of my medical degree to pursue a DPhil in Pathology. My work focuses on how post-translational protein modifications adducted under oxidative conditions modulate adaptive immunity, with a focus on Advanced Glycation End (AGE) products and their reactive intermediates. Various studies have shown that these structures have enhanced immunogenicity compared to unmodified proteins but the mechanisms behind this are not understood. Throughout my project I have investigated various possible mechanisms, particularly the effect of AGE-modified proteins on dendritic cell activation and the role of scavenger receptors. I am particularly interested in adducts that may trigger food allergy and intolerance. My research is funded by the Medical Research Council.